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1 Questions, Answers, and More
1.1 Why is buying a helmet so complicated?

Because every manufacturer is so different and so are our heads!

We find the Bontrager Little Dipper Toddler helmet fits babies from about 10 months to 2 year old and helmets are required in Alberta for babies in chariot bike trailers.

As for kids bigger than 2 it's really best to bring them in and try one on.

Teen and Adult helmets are the same it's best to try one on.


1.2 Why do bicycles need to be assembled to be sold?

All of our bicycle suppliers require their bicycles to be assembled by a trained bicycle mechanic before they are sold. Our mechanics are trained to ensure bicycles are free from factory defect, assembled following directions set forth by each company, braking and shifting has been set up to proper specifications, etc.

1.3 Why should I buy from a local bike shop?

Because we are a family owned store that is invested in our community! We support local events, sports teams, school groups and more! We offer advice free of charge and free of judgement. We are here to help the most novice rider to the advanced find love in cycling.