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1 Questions, Answers, and More
1.1 Why are your recumbent trikes not sold online?

Trikes require a personalized experience to ensure the best trike is chosen for each rider. That means we will help select the best possible trike based on previous riding experience, riders height and weight, option for multiple riders on the same trike, special requirements for medical conditions, configure trikes with modifications, ensure all the extras like neck rests or fenders are added on, electric assist packages, tire swap outs, where you would like to ride, folding models, transportation options, etc

Trikes are best purchased in store! We carry 10+ models on the floor at any given time.

1.2 Why is buying a helmet so complicated?

Because every manufacturer is so different and so are our heads!

We find the Abus Smooty fits babies from about 10 months to 1 year old in size small and helmets are required in Alberta for babies in chariot bike trailers.

We find the Abus Smiley fits children from ages about 1.5 to 3 in size small or medium.

As for kids bigger than 3 it's really best to bring them in and try one on.

Teen and Adult helmets are the same it's best to try one on.


1.3 Where are you located?

On main street in Bentley, Alberta, Canada! We are a teal building and you can't miss it! Come for a visit!

1.4 Do you offer shipping?

Sorry no, currently we are in store pickup only!

1.5 Why do bicycles need to be assembled to be sold?

All of our bicycle suppliers require their bicycles to be assembled by a trained bicycle mechanic before they are sold. Our mechanics are trained to ensure bicycles are free from factory defect, assembled following directions set forth by each company, braking and shifting has been set up to proper specifications, etc.

1.6 Why should I buy from a local bike shop?

Because we are a family owned store that is invested in our community! We support local events, sports teams, school groups and more! We offer advice free of charge and free of judgement. We are here to help the most novice rider to the advanced find love in cycling.

1.7 What brands do you carry?

We have Electra, Norco, Catrike, Terratrike, Velec, Haro and more!

1.8 Do you offer more products or services than what's on your website?

Of course we do! Our store is full of products not always listed online. The bike world is ever changing! We are ever changing!

1.9 Do you offer more products than what you have in store?

Yes we do! We have a offsite warehouse full of parts and bicycles. If we don't have what you are looking for we can probably order something very similar in.

1.10 Do you offer rental bikes or trikes?

YES!! We now offer rental bikes. Trike rentals coming soon!

1.11 Can I try before I buy?

Sure, we can arrange test rides and we strive to find the best bicycle based on your needs!

1.12 Do I need to book a service appointment?

No appointment necessary! We are first come first serve and are very busy in the summer, the sooner your bike comes in the better.

1.13 Do you have a service department?

Yes, we have experts here who can help diagnose and repair the squeak, wiggle, bop, rub, ruckus, weirdness, and more! From basic tire or tube changes to complete overhauls! Call for more information!

1.14 I have a flat tire. Does that need an service appointment?

No we can generally squeeze a quick repair in between bookings. Call for more information!

1.15 I am fixing my own bike but need a tool I do not have. Help?

We probably have it! We loan tools for minimal charges!

1.16 Are you hiring?

We are always looking for people who share the same views and values as we do! We are picky so come in for a visit! Experience in the bike world would be an asset!

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